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It’s been said about despair, “It’s always darkest just before it goes pitch black.” Do you feel like that? Do you go to bed every night wishing your life could be different when you wake up? Do you long for a day, or even just an hour, that’s not shadowed by depressive thoughts, fear, worry, or anger? In a time when everything feels so unstable and life doesn’t seem to make much sense, we could all use a strong hand to hold. Every one of us needs an anchor that will steady our weak and failing hearts and give us hope. The truth is: WE ALL NEED GOD AND HIS GLORIOUS GRACE! It was Jesus who said, “Learn of Me and I will lift your heavy load, lean on Me and I will give you rest.”

Dayspring is a caring ministry that offers Scriptural solutions for times such as these. Dayspring reaches out to the person, family, or church affected by today’s complex issues and offers hope.

Dayspring Center is a San Diego-based, non-profit Christian organization committed to offering God’s hope through Biblical answers. Our focus is on those who are searching for God’s truths at times when coping with everyday problems has become impossible and overwhelming. These are the daily trials as well as the life-long impediments to lasting joy and godliness.

No Christian should ever think that Biblical counseling is in any way superficial, or inferior to the “professional” or psychotherapy-oriented models in the mental health field. As THE primary approach to working through the internal and lifestyle issues we face, God’s Word stands alone in both its cultural relevancy and overall sufficiency. By this, we do not think of Scripture as a kind of simplistic prescription to the real problems of life: “take one and call me in the morning”, Instead, we see the Bible as the very words and thoughts of God. And when internalized by the Holy Spirit and applied by us daily will have a life altering effect. Therefore, God’s Word is the only source to bring every Believer to full maturity in every area of life.

And yet, even though this is true, many Christians continually insist on looking first to psychotherapy for answers. But we here at Dayspring believe God’s Word and Spirit are the only sources of true wisdom when facing the deepest issues of life and godliness, no matter how in depth and troubling they are.

We are a non-denominational counseling center that seeks to help counselees grow in their dependency on God and foster the maturity they need to overcome issues of the soul, spirit, conscience, and will–that is, issues in our thinking, in our emotions and in how we live the Christian life. We offer help with problems such as depression, anger and fear, as well as with addiction to substances, or people in unhealthy relationships (co-dependency / co-idolatry). We also offer Biblical answers for those with troubled marriages, as well as families and struggling youth.

We are endeavoring to proclaim a saving and life-changing personal relationship with Jesus Christ . . . “counseling and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we can present everyone perfect in Christ.” (Col.1:28-29)

Dayspring Founder and Director: Peter B. Garich, M.Div., Ph.D.
San Diego, CA 92120
619-287 2777

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