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Dayspring’s approach to ministry is based on its singular belief in the love of God, the redemptive work of Christ and the sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit. We believe they are the only true source of all real and lasting change. 

To accomplish this transformation we look first to the inspired Word of God, as well as to those Christians God has blessed with gifts in biblical counseling and the ministry of discipleship. All Dayspring counselors are gifted and trained in nouthetic counseling. 

  • We provide a strictly biblical approach that is specifically rooted in God’s Word. Our goals and methods are derived solely from Holy Scripture. It’s because of this belief that we do not look to, nor employ, psychotherapy in any way whatsoever in our ministry. This means that we do not believe in the integration of secular psychological therapy with the Scriptures. To do so is a denial of the sufficiency of God’s inspired and authoritative Word. We firmly believe that Holy Scripture has all the answers Christians need for lives of true godliness–being complete and mature; not lacking anything. We hold to this knowing full well that our faith in God and His word stands in stark contrast to the world’s approach to change, maturity, and the healing of the whole person–body, soul, spirit, and lifestyle. 
  • Our approach focuses on biblical pastoral counseling instead of the more secular “professional model” (where a counselee must only go to a professionally trained, degreed and licensed counselor or therapist for help). Furthermore, we do not believe in the “medical model” of “disease” when addressing issues of addiction. According to the “medical model,” addiction to substances such as alcohol and drugs is a byproduct of our genes–addicts are born with an organic propensity for addiction–therefore, the addiction is not the fault of the addict. According to God’s Word, addiction is a disorder of our worship and behavior–it’s when we worship and serve our desires, needs, and wants, instead of God. It is never because of an organic “disease” that we are born with, but instead is formed as we give into our desires for a substance in a habitual way. When we work with people who are struggling with these so-called “specialty issues” such as substance abuse, other addictions, or eating disorders, we look to God’s Word and Spirit for true healing. We further believe that a Christian who is gifted and BIBLICALLY TRAINED for this ministry is whom God has ordained for the task. These emotional, mental, and spiritual, issues are solely the providence and domain of Christians, Pastors, and biblical counselors (Rm. 15:14, II Tim. 3:16-17). 
  • For further information concerning Dayspring’s ministry please use the “contact” option, call us at 619-269-6764 or email us at [email protected]