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Peter B. Garich is the director and founder of Dayspring Center. His regeneration by Christ came with a miraculous deliverance from years of drug abuse and addiction. Through God’s grace Peter was called to a lifetime commitment to ministry. After several years as an associate pastor he embarked on the path toward a solid biblical education. He received his Master of Divinity degree (M.Div.), from Bethel Theological Seminary and later completed his Doctorate (Ph.D.) through Redding University.

Peter worked as an advisor on the board of Nancy Reagan’s, “Just say no” program in 1984. His efforts were motivated by a deep desire to help troubled youth escape the devastating choices and lifestyles that accompany substance abuse. Following Seminary he expanded his efforts in this area by providing counseling for both the adult and juvenile population in the California and Hawaii prison systems. His life changing testimony and subsequent work in the ministry was the subject of an interview on the 700 club, as well being featured in “The Standard”, an Evangelical publication

For the last eighteen years he has worked in the ministry of biblical counseling. Eighteen years ago he founded Dayspring Biblical Counseling Center. He also pastored two churches and was the director of counseling at New Hope Ranch Ministries–a substance abuse center that he co-founded. Dayspring Center is located in San Diego where Peter resides.

Peter pens a monthly newsletter, “The Dayspring Discipler,” to which you may subscribe, or obtain back issues, without cost or obligation through Dayspring Center. Selected Disciplers are also found on this website under “Recent Posts” or “Catagories”.





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